Your blog is a chance to show your ideas to the world, so make sure engaging content has a background of visually stunning design! We will work together all the steps of the way to make the style of your blog reflect its substance .

Our work at your future blog design begins at concept approval and consultation. We will discuss how to best implement the ideas you already have or come up with a new design concept for blog together.

Next step is the creation of the branding package. The look-book of blog design concept will include the preview of fonts, color palette, draft of header, blog decoration elements. The full array of features depends on the chosen package.

Upon approval of the design concept, actual web-site building begins. You will have up to 3 rounds of editing to ensure the blog design that goes live on the web-site is just as you have envisioned it!



Blogger is a great platform with a free hosting. However, it has a reputation of being boring, as many of the available templates look dull and outdated. But it does not have to be the case with your blog! In my work on Blogger I am not limited to pre-made templates, I actually love going into the HTML and CSS side of it and build my own layout from scratch. Blogger will be what you make of it, so whatever idea you have, we will make it happen on your .blogspot page!

The offer includes:

  • Custom header and background
  • Custom template layout
  • Menu customization
  • Custom Google fonts installation
  • Custom favicon
  • Facebook Open Graph setup
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Installation

Available widgets

  • "About me" - profile widget custom design
  • Facebook Slide Out Like Box Widget
  • Social Media Icons - top bar or sidebar widget
  • TpT widget setup
  • Pinterest widget setup
  • Facebook photos widget setup
  • Instagram photos widget setup
  • Labels widget customization
  • Contact form - separate page setup
  • "Back to top" widget design and istallation
  • Pinterest Hover icon
  • Custom post signature
  • Cutoms "Read more" button
  • Custom social media icons bar below post

WordPress is a long-time bloggers favorite and for a good reason! The amount of customization options you have with WordPress is infinite! Abundance of templates and wide range of available plug-ins together with custom design will truly make your web-site shine. Given the vast number of possibilities, contact me personally for a consultation of what build and design we can implement!

Are you looking for a branding package for social media that will match the design of your blog? It will be a pleasure making sure your branding is consistent, so for an additional fee you will receieve Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and/or Twitter covers and banners to use for promotion!

If you have any additional questions, make sure to send me a message. I will be happy to consult you and try to help you with your blog make-over. To place an order, contact me to secure a place on the waiting list and recieve blog design questionnaire.
I am available at miadamti@gmail.com or at my Facebook page "Mia Damti Studio - Custom Blog Design".

Thursday, August 31, 2017

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